Thursday, March 1, 2012

NOTD - Batman on my Nails

I love the movie The Dark Knight. I think Christian Bale makes a perfectly brooding Batman, and Heath Ledger is an even more insane Joker. The fact that it was filmed in my hometown makes me love it even more. (Whenever I watch it, I'm always shouting out, 'Hey, that car chase was filmed on Lower Wacker!' or 'The parade is in front of that building on LaSalle!') So I can't stop calling this butter LONDON polish The Dark Knight. I feel a little invincible when I wear it, like I have a suit of impenetrable armor and an unlimited supply of awesome gadgets at my disposal.

It's actually called The Black Knight. It is a black jelly with tiny silver glitter and larger chunks of fuchsia and turquoise glitter. I did three coats to get it opaque. You could probably layer it over a black creme to get some more mileage out of the bottle, but I love to wear jellies by themselves to let their true finish shine. It applied amazingly well, not goopy and thick like some glitters can be. My one issue with this polish is that, unlike Batman's suit, it is not impenetrable. It chipped like crazy. I touched up a chip less than 12 hours after I applied it, and within 48 hours my nails were a hot mess. It's still such a sparkly awesome polish though, and it's perfect for going out.

What do you think of this polish? What polish makes you feel like a badass superhero?

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