Friday, March 16, 2012

NOTD - Unicorn Dust

Hey. Last time I saw you, there was like a foot of snow on the ground. (OK, I'm exaggerating.) Now, it's like summer up in here! Have I really been away that long? What, it's only been two weeks? How could the weather change that drastically in that amount of time? Oh, right, I live in Chicago. Global warming is also to blame. Yes, let's blame global warming for me not posting for two weeks. Darn you, global warming!

In reality, I've been sick (again!) and finishing up the winter term at school. I did this mani back when it was still wintery outside. I snatched up this butter LONDON glittery topcoat, Tart With A Heart, a few weeks ago. It's a clear base with tiny gold glitter and larger opalescent round glitter. It has a golden pinkish tint overall, so I think it would look gorgeous over a rose-colored polish. Must try that next time.

However, I was craving a bit of color at the time, so I decided to layer it over another butter LONDON color from the Spring 2012 collection, Slapper. This combination reminds me of unicorns or fairies. I love it.


  1. Love it. I've not worn tart yet or many of my million and one glitters lol, too many polishes and not enough fingers or time!

  2. I have lots of Butter polishes but now I also want that glitter top coat, looks great!

  3. Oh wow, I think TWAH just made it onto my wishlist, it looks incredible. Love the combo! =D

  4. I think Tart With A Heart is a must-have for any glitter lover! Adds just enough bling to any old mani! Love it!


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