Sunday, February 12, 2012

butter LONDON Spring/Summer 2012 Swatches: Slapper and Bossy Boots

Hi everyone! I have two different colors to show you today from butter LONDON's spring/summer collection. I had the pictures taken a couple days ago, but I had so much school work to finish this weekend that I haven't had time to post them. 

Slapper is a bright, but not neon, medium blue-green teal creme. I think it probably leans a little more blue than green. It applied wonderfully - no dragging or gloppiness. This was two coats. This would also be a really cute pedi color!

Fun fact: Slapper is slang for...something I won't say here. I almost wish I hadn't looked it up because now that's all I'm going to be able to think about whenever I wear this from now on. In any case, this polish didn't make me feel like a slapper. It made me feel ready to hit the beach!

After a quick trim to reign in my way-too-long (for me) nails...
Bossy Boots is a pastel pistachio green creme. I had a little bit of application issues with this one. Again because it's a pastel, it was a bit thick and gloopy, making it a little difficult to get an even coverage. This was two and a half coats - I say half because some nails were good after two coats, but some had little bald spots that I had to touch up.

You might be wondering if Bossy Boots is a dupe for OPI Stranger Tides. I know I was. I swatched them on a piece of paper side by side just to get a quick idea, and Bossy Boots is definitely a bit brighter and not as murky as Stranger Tides. I am definitely going to keep both of them because I adore how this color looks against my skin tone, and I think it's a gorgeous spring shade. If you're not nuts about how greyed out Stranger Tides is, you will love Bossy Boots. I can swatch them both on my nails if you would like to see how they look, just let me know.

Also, this is what I found when I searched "Bossy Boots." I love Spongebob! 

Alright folks, four down, one to go! Stay tuned for Disco Biscuit!

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