Monday, February 20, 2012

NOTD - Vintage Flowers For Audrey

Hi everyone! Sorry I've been MIA the past few days...I've been super sick. *cough* cough* I've almost kicked it though, and with that I have a wonderful treasure to show you (!), and some nail art (?).

I was browsing at Ulta a few weeks ago, and this lone light turquoise blue popped out at me from the China Glaze section. Internal monologue: "No, it can't be...I think it might way, that's impossible...HOLY CRAP IT IS!!" *snatches up polish, shifty eyes, runs to checkout*

China Glaze For Audrey is a highly sought-after polish that is the perfect Tiffany blue. I've been looking for it for ages but could never find it. But now I have it, yay! It's such a gorgeous turquoise, so springy. It covered beautifully in two coats. It dried very shiny but I think there may be some hairspray residue on my nails (lol) because it looks kind of dull in my photo.

I decided to try to play around with some nail art, and I knew I wanted to combine For Audrey with a pop of bright orange because I think turquoise and orange is such a beautiful color combination. I was experimenting with a zig zag pattern on the side of my thumb, and thought it kind of looked like bric-a-brac - remember that stuff we would use in arts and crafts as kids? So anyway, it looked very vintage-y to me, so I decided to do some old school flowers alongside the bric-a-brac. I topped it off with some light grey dots to fill in the empty spaces. It almost ended up looking like a vintage Hawaiian shirt to me!

Colors used for the design:
Essie Braziliant - a BRIGHT orange with hot pink shimmer
Sally Hansen Clearly Buff White (from a french mani 2 pack)
China Glaze Pelican Gray - a light grey with subtle shimmer

Do you have any nail polish victories - that moment when you finally spotted a HTF polish you'd been looking for? What do you think of my vintage Hawaiian shirt nail design?


  1. OMGGGG, your nails are so prettyful. And you design made me smile. I so wish I was that good with designing. Keep up the amazing work!

  2. Thanks, B! I am by no means a nail art whiz (I should have mentioned in the post that I actually don't own a dotting tool - I used the tip of a bobby pin to make the flowers!), so I'm glad you liked it!


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