Tuesday, February 14, 2012

butter LONDON Spring/Summer 2012 Swatches - Disco Biscuit

Happy Valentine's Day! My valentine and I both have to "work" tonight, so alas we won't see each other until tomorrow night. Oh well. His reaction was so funny when we decided it made more sense for both of us to see each other the day after V-day instead of be together for the real thing: *feigned disappointment* "But...it's a Hallmark holiday!"

Coincidentally, my last butter LONDON color from the Spring/Summer collection is a PERFECT Valentine's Day color! Disco Biscuit is a sheer hot pink jelly with tiny iridescent blue sparkles. The sparkles really come alive in the sunlight, although the bright blue freaked my camera out, as you can see. In real life, the blue sparkle looks like fairy dust :)

People who despise any form of transparency in their polish will want to layer this over a hot pink creme, but I personally like the way it looks after three coats. VNL is...well...visible...(redundant much?) but I think layering it over a creme would rob it of its lightness and make it less special. It applies really smoothly. It also dries really fast, which is nice, although it does dry gritty so you will want a good layer of Seche Vite or whatever top coat you prefer.

Whether you're having a hot date night with your honey, chilling with friends, or flying solo with Chinese food and a DVD, I hope you have a wonderful Valentine's Day!

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