Tuesday, May 8, 2012

EOTD - Fairy Eyes

My best friend loves this shop in Wicker Park called Mojo Spa. They sell all sorts of delicious-smelling body products and adorable soaps shaped like cupcakes. They also do nails, makeup, and I think even massages and waxing. I've gone in a few times with her but never bought anything before. We went there last Friday evening so she could pick up some lotion, and the owner (who was awesome and hilarious) coaxed us to get our makeup done, which they were doing free that evening. He also mixed us up couple cocktails!

While my friend was getting her makeup done, I sipped my vodka cranberry and scoped out Mojo Spa's makeup range, which I hadn't even known they sold. The loose eyeshadows stole my attention and I spent about 20 minutes agonizing over which colors I wanted the makeup artist to use on me! They had at least 30 loose eyeshadows in a wide range of colors, most of them extremely sparkly and gorgeous. I knew I wanted to buy a couple, and when the awesome and hilarious owner told me they were buy 2, get 1 free ($10 apiece) that sealed the deal for me.

One of the loose shadows I walked away with is a GORGEOUS sparkly mint green shade called Garden Party. The next day I couldn't wait to try out a look with it.

To start, I prepped my lid with Urban Decay Primer Potion Original. I then smudged NYX Jumbo Eye Pencil in Horse Raddish, a light mint green that matched Garden Party pretty closely, all over the bottom half of the lid. I had never used a loose eyeshadow before, so I was nervous about spilling it or getting green powder all over my face. I used a flat eyeshadow brush, dipped it in the powder, tapped off the extra, and patted the shadow into the area where I had smudged Horse Raddish. Some of the extra did sprinkle off, but I tilted my head downward while I was doing it so it landed on my mirror, not my face. I patted Garden Party all over the bottom half of the lid.

Then, I lined my lower waterline with Wet n' Wild Color Icon eyeliner in Dark Brown. I set it with Mac eyeshadow in Embark, a matte dark brown. I also lined the top lash line with Embark. I smudged a bit more Garden Party on the lower lash line. To finish, I swept my eyelashes with Rimmel Lash Accelerator Mascara in black.

blurred to show the sparkle
I absolutely loved Mojo Spa's loose eyeshadow and I want to go back and get more! It was so pigmented and sparkly, and Garden Party made me feel like a fairy! Also, anyone that lives in Chicago should definitely check out Mojo Spa on Milwaukee Ave. It was a fun, girly place with some really adorable products, and an awesome and hilarious owner.


  1. Wanna hear a confession? I have almost 1500 pots of loose eyeshadow; it's been a while since I've updated my inventory, so my figures aren't exact.(And that does not include the pressed shadows I own!!!) <--- Yes, I am crazy.

    So I say to you: welcome to loose shadow insanity. Mua ha ha ha!

  2. WOW that is a lot of loose eyeshadow! Hahaha! I can definitely see a whole new world opening up in front of me...

  3. Loose shadows are particularly dangerous for people with hoarding tendencies!!!


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