Monday, May 14, 2012

Essie Armed and Ready

Today I have for you a polish that I've been thinking about picking up for a while, and I recently decided to snatch it up when I was at Target! It's called Essie Armed and Ready, and it's a dark grey with some coppery shimmer. I've heard it called a dark olive green before, but I don't see any green in the base. Just grey. Totally gorgeous and unique!

It also had an amazing formula. You could probably almost get away with one coat, but I did two just to make sure everything was even. It wasn't too thick or too thin. Love it!


  1. Beautiful! I, too, have ben eyeing this color for the past little while. I looks so "rich" and "classy", KWIM? It helps that your nails are gorgeous. :)

  2. It is very "understated elegance"! Thanks for the compliment, although they were getting a bit too long for me. I just chopped them off to shorties, pics coming soon :)


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