Thursday, January 5, 2012

Drugstore Goodness: My Revlon lip product stash

I am a big fan of Revlon's lip products. I recently started expanding my lip product interests past Burt's Bees lip balm, and Revlon has some great stuff for a lip newbie. I love the color range (they have multiple shades of orange lipstick!) their pigmentation, and how hydrating they feel on the lips.
Lilac Champagne, Blase Apricot, Siren, Orange Flip

I have four Revlon lipsticks, all creme finishes: three Moon Drops (in the green tubes) and one Super Lustrous (in the black tubes). They all feel very creamy, and don't make my lips feel dry. They do dry out after a few hours, and give the weird ring appearance around the inside of the lips where it meets the wet part of your mouth, but I think that's all lipstick in general (the main reason I don't wear lipstick very often). At that point I just blot the extra off, pat some lip balm in, and reapply, and I'm good to go for another few hours. I love how bright these colors are - for me, if I'm gonna go through the hassle of wearing lipstick, it has to be a great shade. Lilac Champagne (Moon Drops) is a bright, cool toned fuchsia pink. Blase Apricot (Moon Drops) is a light, coral-y pink, and the only one I'm not especially fond of on my skin tone. Siren (Super Lustrous) is a light orange, and Orange Flip (Moon Drops) is a darker orange, which looks almost red on my lips.

Crave, Flame
 I really love the Just Bitten lip stain from Revlon. I have two shades: Flame, a warm orange, and Crave, a dark berry color that appears almost red on my lips. Crave is the shade I'm wearing in my profile picture! It's quite easy to apply with the felt-tipped marker applicator, and it smells a bit fruity! They do not bleed on my lips, as you can see when you compare the swatch photo with the lip photo. I also adore how they included a moisturizing balm on the other end to apply on top of the stain for comfort and shine, as other lipstains don't have this, and I definitely feel like my lips need a bit of moisture after applying the stain. They last and last forever on me, wearing off only when I eat. The only downside is that the marker can sometimes apply the stain unevenly, as you can see on Flame in the swatch photo, leaving you with patchy spots. For this reason, I wait to press my lips together until after the stain is completely dry, otherwise it could get blotchy.


Hot Pink

Last but not least is the Revlon Colorburst lipgloss, which I ADORE. I have three colors: Peony, a neutral, nudey pink with shimmer, Fire, a creamy, super shiny red, and Hot Pink, which is a bright fuchsia with the same shimmer as Peony. They have a paddle-shaped soft spongy applicator, and I just love the way they feel when I apply them. Not to mention how sleek and sexy the tube itself is. Peony pretty much occupies a permanent home in my purse since it's a nice neutral every day color, with the gorgeous shimmer for a little kick. I want this gloss in every color!

All in all, I think Revlon makes a great lip product (although oddly enough I'm not a fan of their eye products), and I look forward to trying new colors and products from their extensive range!

 What is your favorite drugstore brand for lip products? Eye products? Nail polish? Let me know in the comments!

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