Thursday, January 5, 2012

Sick Day, Just Lipstick

I've spent the past two days (and will likely spend the next two days) home with a very sick 9 year old girl. Today I didn't even leave the house! I spent the day reading and playing go fish, so I didn't put any makeup on or get out of my pajamas. I wanted to get a quick post up though to keep the momentum going.

I've been curious about this NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream for a while, and grabbed one the other day on my Ulta run. I picked up the shade Antwerp, which is a bright, warm-toned, almost bubblegum pink. Application is easy because of the soft spongy applicator, like a lipgloss applicator. I LOVE the way it smells - like vanilla frosting! It needs a moment to set, but once it dries down, it becomes matte. I had about 4 hours of wear before it wore off when I ate lunch.

Overall, I really like this lip cream, and since it's pretty cheap I will definitely pick up some more colors! What do you think about a matte lip? Would you wear a bright pink lip like this?

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