Friday, January 20, 2012

New Revlon ColorBurst Lip Butters!

I had to brave the snowstorm today to go to Target for a can of Ajax. To reward myself for having trekked all the way there (like I would have had the willpower to NOT stop at the cosmetics aisle, HAH!) I browsed the nail polish and makeup section. Under the Revlon display, I noticed that they must have freshly restocked their ColorBurst Lip Butter selection because I saw SO many colors that I haven't seen before! As you know, I love this product, so I snatched up three to add to my collection: Candy Apple, Sweet Tart, and Raspberry Pie.
Sweet Tart

Sweet Tart is a light cool-toned candy pink. It's a nice every day shade of pink.
Candy Apple

Raspberry Pie

Candy Apple is a bright medium red. I love this because red is hard for me to pull off with my light skin and hair, so the Lip Butter formula gives me the color I'm looking for without it looking too harsh on my face.

Raspberry Pie is a darkish berry pink. It looks much darker in the tube; I was expecting it to be a vampy wine red. I love this color though. Can you believe the pigmentation on this thing? I mean, holy cow!

I'm thrilled to add these three colors to my Lip Butter collection. This is one product I can definitely see myself owning in almost every color because I love the formula THAT much. If you haven't tried these yet, I say RUN, don't walk, to your nearest drugstore to try them! What color will you try first?


  1. Lovely colors! How do they wear? Do they stay creamy and not drying? Would you recommend them to the 'great-auntie' set? You have too much fun in the cosmetic aisle for one person!!! XOXO G-Aunt G

  2. I would definitely recommend them to anyone because they are sooooo creamy and moisturizing! They stay put for several hours on me, but I lick my my lips a lot...and eat a that doesn't help lol.


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