Wednesday, January 25, 2012

NOTD - Choose-your-own-holo!

By now everyone knows about the amazing Speciallita Hits no Olimpo collection. I REALLY wanted to get the whole collection, but that was just not feasible with shipping charges from Brazil :) To satisfy my craving, I decided to just spring for Hefesto, which I was able to find on Ebay for a pretty reasonable price. Hefesto is a sheer holographic topcoat, which enables you to turn any color your heart desires into a holo!

I really wanted to try Hefesto on top of a color that I've never seen as a holo before. I decided to try it out on top of American Apparel Dynasty, which is a medium red-toned lavender creme. This is an untried polish for me. The reason I haven't gotten around to wearing it is because it was the third polish in a 3 for $15 sale they were having on their polish a few months ago, and while I was able to choose the first two immediately, none of the other colors jumped out at me and it took me a while to decide what my third one was going to be, so I just wasn't excited to wear it. It was a great choice to wear under Hefesto! It makes for a really unique combination. It's a good winter-to-spring transitional mani, I think.

What do you think of this combination? What color should I wear under Hefesto next?


  1. uuuuu...pretty!!!
    Hefesto was endeed a good choice!
    can you please try it over a black or grey polish next?
    i looove me a black holo! and grey would be interesting too!

  2. Hi Monica!
    I LOVE the idea of a grey holo! I've never seen one before!


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